Thom Spittle

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Thom Spittle


Thom Spittle was born in Salem Massachusetts, and lived on the North Shore until moving to Florida in his early 20s. Thom was a professional photographer who also did some work as a furniture salesman. It was in this profession that Thom moved about, first to California and then South Carolina.


Mr. Spittle started having his retinitis pigmentosa develop in his mid-30s and progressed to where he could no longer work in the furniture industry and started receiving training through the Commission for the Blind. Thom was the first consumer to go through the Advanced JAWS curriculum and also went through the Business Enterprise Program. In 2007, Thom won the consumer of the year award from the Commission while running a BEP stand in Sumter.


It was also in 2007 that Tom and his family moved to Rocky Bottom and worked at the camp as resident manager for almost the next 4 years.


Mr. Spittle currently is the chairman of the board of directors for Rocky Bottom Retreat & Conference Center of the Blind, At Large State Bord member, Treasurer of his local chapter in Columbia, and Chairman of the Membership & Mentoring Committee.


Previously, Thom served as Chapter President of the Darlington and Easley Chapters, and first vice president of the Dacusville Lion’s Club.


Thom currently lives in Columbia with his wife of 11 years, Tracy, and 2 step sons, Jonathan and Nicholas Bundy. Thom also has a son, Tommy, who is married and lives in Florence, South Carolina.