Affiliate, Chapter and Division Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes


The meeting minutes posted on this page have been read and approved by the NFB of SC board or the respective Chapter and Division to which they pertain. The boards and/or members of each voted to post their meeting minutes on the affiliate website. All Chapters and Divisions are welcome to have their meeting minutes posted here on our website. After your meeting minutes have been approved, please send them to Steve Cook at Before posting on our website, I will convert the file to an accessible PDF document so they cannot be changed.





NFB of SC December 2018.pdf

NFB of SC January 2019.pdf

NFB of SC April 2019.pdf

NFB of SC August 2019.pdf

NFB of SC December 2019.pdf

NFB of SC January 2020.pdf

NFB of SC April 2020.pdf

NFB of SC June 2020.pdf

NFB of SC July 2020.pdf

NFB of SC August 2020.pdf

NFB of SC December 2020.pdf


SC Association of Guide Dog Users Division


SCAGDU January 2023_0.pdf


Sports & Rec Division

Sports and Rec March 2023.pdf

Sports and Rec May 2023.pdf

Sports and Rec June 2023.pdf

Sports and Rec July 2023.pdf

Sports And Rec August 2023.pdf

Sports and Rec September 2023.pdf

Sports and Rec October 2023.pdf