Linda Dizzley

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Linda Dizzley


Linda Dizzley, a native of Lee County, South Carolina was born and raised in Bronx, New York.   She attended school up to the third grade in Lee County before returning to New York.   While living in New York, she remembered experiencing severe headaches and sensitivity to light which sent her to the emergency room.  She also remembered trying to cross a three-lane highway to get to her nearest supermarket and was nearly hit by several vehicles at different times, including an ambulance.  It began to take a toll on her as she could not understand what was happening. 


It was not until she relocated her family to South Carolina and attempted to get her driver’s license that it was discovered that Linda had Stargardt Disease, a form of Macular Degeneration.  It was devastating to her but after about a week, she decided that it was not going to be the end of her life, she was determined to get through this because of her faith in God.

After being recruited to the National Federation of the Blind, by Dr. Donald Capps, she felt that there was hope, knowing that there were others experiencing blindness and supporting each other. She lost contact with the NFB  but was reconnected with the organization in 2011 when she was recruited to restart the Lee County Chapter, where she became president and still serves in that position as well as the district 5. Board Member.  She is truly grateful to the members of the National Federation of the Blind who gave her hope, encouragement and support and many of them have become a second family.  She especially thanks Debra Canty for her unwavering guidance and Lenora Robertson for her continued push to learn braille which has truly been beneficial to her.  She is grateful to her husband and wonderful children for their support.


While in New York, she attended Monroe Business College for computers as well as the New York Institute of Photography. Which led her to become a blind photographer and videographer and was in the process of attending the Fashion Institute of New York.  After relocating to South Carolina she furthered her education in Medical Transcription and Early Childhood Education. She has worked in several corporations such as the Internal Revenue, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, various hospitals and schools while being blind, which shows that “blindness is not what holds you back”.


In her spare time, she enjoys singing, growing her business of designing edible and wearable apparels, which includes braille, crafting, reading, writing and teaching braille, motivating, educating, encouraging and supporting others when it comes to blindness and advocating for the blind.


Because it was difficult for her parents and several family members to accept the diagnosis of her being blind, she is grateful to her NFB family, locally, statewide and nationally for giving her hope and vows to spend the rest of her life educating others about blindness and the National Federation of the Blind and the tools that you need to help you live the life you want and be successful.  “If I can Help Somebody, Then My Living Shall Not Be In Vain”.


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