Demetrius Williford

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Demetrius Williford


I was born at Anderson Memorial Hospital in Anderson County on June 26, 1981. I’m the only boy of three kids, and I’m the only one born with a visual impairment. The doctor told  my mother I had macular degeneration; which is very rare for a child.

  I thought I was the only one going through this issue, but God guided me to my great grandmother who was totally blind.  She motivated me by answering my questions. For instance, I would ask her how would I make it being blind?  She always would say look at me.

Mr. Carey Burris came into my life at the age of nine. I wasn’t always receptive to his assistance, because I didn’t want to believe that I had a vision problem. What brought things back into perspective was attending college in Spartanburg.

The cooperative program at Spartanburg Technical College gave me an opportunity to stay on campus at the South Carolina School for the deaf and the Blind. I was still somewhat in denial about my visual impairment. As I was getting on the bus, I heard a child laughing.  I looked closer and realized the child was deaf and blind. I made my mind up to not be ashamed of my visual impairment. Joy permeated my soul!

I completed college with an associate’s degree in business management and a marketing degree in 2005 at Spartanburg Technical College. Then I became a father!  The love I have for my daughter is out of this world. God blessed me to see her for four years of her life.

I attended the Commission for the Blind and enrolled in their adjustment to blindness program.  Then I heard about another program that could assist visually impaired individuals with starting their own business and went through the Business Enterprise Program. I was a part of this program for ten years. Throughout this process, I came back to ask Mr. Burris for assistance in teaching me braille.

Throughout the training, Mr. Burris told me about The NFB OF South Carolina. I attended one Christmas event that the Anderson Chapter had at a local church. I instantly fell in love with the Federation. I started as a member of the Anderson Chapter, and eventually I was elected Vice President. Later, I was elected to the position of Anderson Chapter President. I must say my Federation family has to be one of the most awesome families that’s not blood related.

I remember going to a Rocky Bottom board meeting and whispering to my wife the individuals that serve on this board are so intelligent. I would love to be like them! I currently hold the NFB of SC district four seat. My goal in this up-and-coming year is to lead by example as a district rep or president should. Lead by galvanizing the  members in my district and in my chapter, I’m so thankful that I have an opportunity to be in this leadership role. With the assistance of my Federation family, the growth of the Federation is soon to come.


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