Dear fellow Federationists:   The National Federation of the Blind has created a rideshare testing program to measure Lyft and Uber’s efforts to eliminate driver discrimination against riders with guide dogs or service animals. Recent agreements with these two major ridesharing companies require the National Federation of the Blind to provide feedback, over the next three to five years, on the efforts they have agreed to undertake to prevent discrimination against service animal users.   Here’s where you come in. If you use Uber or Lyft and have a service animal or travel with someone who has a service animal, we need your help. Fill out our online questionnaire after your next Uber or Lyft ride, and as often as you can after that. We would love feedback from regular Uber and Lyft users at least once a month, about both positive and negative experiences. You will find the questionnaire at https://nfb.org/rideshare-test.   Extensive information about the program is available in the May issue of the Braille Monitor. You can also visit nfb.org/rideshare for more information, including an extensive FAQ, information on how to report discrimination to Uber and Lyft directly as well as through our questionnaire, and a list of the questions we’ll ask so you can be thinking about them when you take your next ride.   Please share this information with fellow Uber and Lyft users with guide dogs or other service animals, including non-members of the National Federation of the Blind.   If you have questions that are not answered by the resources above, contact Valerie Yingling, Legal Program Coordinator, at the National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute, at (410) 659-9314 extension 2440, or vyingling@nfb.org.   Thanks in advance for your assistance with this important effort.   Sincerely,   The National Federation of the Blind Communications Team     Christopher S. Danielsen, J.D. Director of Public Relations 200 East Wells Street, Baltimore, MD 21230 (410) 659-9314, Ext. 2330 | cdanielsen@nfb.org