Donations Needed!

We are having an online auction October 31-November 7 to raise money for Rocky Bottom Retreat & Conference Center.


There are many ways you can help with the success of this fund-raiser:


Ask friends, family, neighbors, church members, anyone in your social network to donate new items.


Put it on social media and ask others to share.


Visit businesses if you go out into the community to run errands.


Make phone calls to businesses.


Purchase a gift card, create a gift basket, or donate any new items that others will love to bid on during the auction.


Items can be mailed to the Federation Center, 119 S. Kilbourne Road, Columbia, SC 29205. Make sure “auction item” is noted on the package or on a note in the package.


Be sure to visit to read more about Rocky Bottom Retreat & Conference Center!


You may also reach out to me and I will be happy to pick items up for you and take to the center if that is easier.


Please remember to continue selling your fun day tickets which is also a part of this fund raiser.


If you have any questions, you may call David at the center at 803-254-3777, or you may reach out to me via text or phone at 803-960-9977 or




Jennifer Bazer and Valerie Warrington