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Edward and Vicki Bignon


“Being a part of a REAL solution

is an honor and a great way to live your life.”


May 2022 bring you good health and many blessings.


Eddie Bignon


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Vanda Pharmaceuticals


Vanda Pharmaceuticals is a global biopharmaceutical company based in Washington, DC. Vanda works to develop new medicines to address unmet medical needs and to improve the lives of patients

          As a proud sponsor of the NFB of South Carolina, Vanda seeks to raise awareness and provide educational resources about Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder, or Non-24 for short.

          Non-24 is a serious circadian rhythm disorder common in people who are totally blind. It causes nighttime sleep problems and a wide range of daytime difficulties that can affect one’s ability to do every-day tasks or activities. Many people with Non-24 report having an overwhelming urge to sleep during the day as well as an overwhelming urge to stay awake at night.

          To learn more about Non-24, contact Vanda’s Nurse Educator Vicki Preddy by calling 202-578-9060. 


Silver Level: $500



Vispero is the home of the JAWS for Windows screen reader, as well as ZoomText and Fusion software.  In addition, our family includes three of the largest low vision hardware manufacturers:  Freedom Scientific, Optelec and Enhanced Vision.  For product questions, contact Jerry Marindin, Regional Sales Director.





BrailliantTM BI 20X

Brailliant BI

Featuring excellent, sharp and crisp braille cell technology, the new and portable Brailliant BI 20X refreshable braille display is the perfect companion to any mobile device that makes reading enjoyable while keeping you connected on the go. Customize your braille experience through an intuitive user interface and onboard smart applications including the Victor Reader library. Brailliant BI 20X expands what braille displays can do in today’s connected world.


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Farmers Telephone Cooperative – Sumter, SC


Internet – Wireless – Voice – Security – and Digital TV


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Carolyn Phillips

Carolyn Jackson

Jan Shaw Personal Training

Lee & Laura James

Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, Sumter

Larry C. Weston, Pastor

Barney Gadson for the M. H. Newton Family Life Center

Sumter Chapter

Jennifer Bazer, President, NFB of SC

Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation

Carrie Montgomery

NFB Muslims

Guide Dogs of America