Positive Notes

January 17, 2022

Memo To:  Executive Officers, Board Members, Chapter & Division Presidents & Others

From:  Jennifer Bazer, President

Positive Note 1849

803-960-9977  Jennifer.H.Bazer@gmail.com

Greetings Fellow Federationists:


Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’

– Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 


“On and around Monday, January 17, 2022, communities all across the country will be celebrating the 27th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. A federal holiday that began as a commemoration of Dr. King’s birthday, it is now a day dedicated to encouraging and empowering Americans to participate in community service.

Dr. King’s steadfast commitment to service has inspired people all around the United States and the world to work together to make positive change. But the battle to secure a day to honor his legacy of service was not won overnight.

In 1968, only four days after Dr. King’s assassination, John Conyers, a Democratic congressman from Michigan, proposed a bill for the establishment of a federal holiday in King’s honor. Despite the failure of this first bill, Conyers, with the support of the Congressional Black Caucus, continued to bring the same bill to Congress year-after-year.

The bill may not have gotten traction had it not been for the many working-class citizens who risked their livelihoods to demand a day in which to honor their hero. The late Dr. King’s pro-labor stance and close relationships with union activists compelled union members to organize protests and strikes to negotiate contracts that included a paid holiday on King’s birthday along with better wages and benefits.

Over the course of the 1970s, the efforts of unions and other proponents of the holiday clashed with those opposing it. Meanwhile, Conyers joined forces with King’s widow, Coretta Scott King, and the King Center, an organization dedicated to preserving Dr. King’s memory, to campaign for his birthday to be made a national holiday.

Their efforts finally began to bear fruit in the early 1980s: Coretta Scott King submitted six million signatures supporting a bill to establish a federal holiday in King’s honor; Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday,” a song dedicated to King, inspired a rush of public support.

In 1983, 15 years after King’s assassination, Congress finally passed a bill designating the third Monday in January to be a federal holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. However, the legislation did not guarantee that individual states would observe MLK Day. Some states combine it with a holiday celebrating Confederate general Robert E. Lee, or rescinded observance of the holiday altogether. It was not until 2000 that all states finally acknowledged the holiday.

In 1994, Congress passed the King Holiday and Service Act, which transformed Martin Luther King Jr. Day into a day dedicated to volunteer service in honor of Dr. King’s legacy. Since then, the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) has coordinated the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, funding independent service projects as well as mobilizing its AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers to serve in various ways in their local communities. The day is now a day “on” rather than a day off, a holiday for the good of the people, much like the 9/11 Day of Service.

You can participate in honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy by signing up to volunteer for a local, regional, or national organization, bringing people together to create and register your own project, or even donating to a cause of your choice.”


How can we, as the NFB of SC, serve like Martin Luther King JR? How can we help others? What are we doing to make our affiliate a better place? As he asks us, “what are we doing for others?” Sedning a card? Making a phone call? Sending a text? Bringing a meal? Purchasing a cane? Helping someone learn Braille? Showing a blind person how to cook or how to use technology?


I challenge all of us to “do good” not just today, on Martin Luther King JR. observance, but every day. Let’s remember his words, “What are we doing for others?” How can we make the NFB of SC a better place for all?


One of the tremendous examples of our words unity and perseverance  at our statewide seminar was that of our affiliate collecting 130 SUN shares for nationals, a total of $1,300. Shares Unlimited NFB is a rainy day fun. NFB of SC has benefitted from this fund. I want to thank the following individuals who pledged during SUN. All pledges are due by January 31 by donating through our affiliate pay pal and signifying SUN. You may also make a check to NFB of SC and mail to 119 S. Kilbourne Road, Columbia, SC 29205 with SUN in the memo. If you did not pledge during our statewide seminar, you may still send a donation by mail or through pay pal at


and go to donate. Please insure you choose the NFB of SC pay pal account. Each share is $10.


The following individuals pledged during our seminar and we wish to thank them. Some of them have fulfilled their pledge, thank you:

Each share is $10

Frank and Shelley Coppel: Pledged 10 shares

Steve and Shannon Cook: Pledged 5 shares, paid 5 shares

Jamie and Beverly  Allison: Pledged 1 share, paid 1 share

Cheri Euton: Pledged 5 shares

David and Darlene Houck: Pledged 5 shares

Dianne Haycraft: Pledged 2 shares

David Rebocho: Pledged 15 shares, paid 15

Linda Dizzley: Pledged 2 shares

Roger Webb: Pledged 10 shares

Lenora Robertson: Pledged 1 share, paid 1 share

Frank Loza: Pledged 3 shares

Carolyn Phillips: Pledged 10 shares

Pat and Dale Wolthoff: Pledged 5 shares

Loretta and Henry Green: Pledged 4 shares

Charlis and Paul Boroden” Pledged 2 shares

Janice Bright: Pledged 3 shares, paid 3 shares

Ed and Julie Bible: Pledged 3 shares

Malaya Reece: Pledged 3 shares

Marty McKenzie: Pledged 2 shares

David Bundy: Pledged 5 shares

Kris Crawley: Pledged 10 shares, paid 10 shares

Parnell Digs” Pledged 2 shares, paid 2 shares

Dorothy Hilton” Pledged 2 shares

Amy Hatten: Pledged 1 share

Kim Allen: Pledged 2 shares, paid 4 shares

Jennifer Bazer: Pledged 10 shares, paid 10 shares

James Byers: Pledged 4 shares

Valerie and Larry Warrington: pledged 3 shares

Debra Canty: paid 2 shares after reading in Positive Note

Stacey Fulwood: paid 2 shares after reading in Positive Note


For chapter and Division Presidents

The constitution says that more than have the dues paying members should be blind in our chapter and state constitution. At this time, there are several chapters that have more sighted voting members than blind voting members. I need you to work hard this year to bring in more blind voting members so that you are not in violation of the chapter constitution and the state constitution. Please see info below and work swiftly and efficiently to insure this is taken care of ASAP.

Article III. Membership

Section 1. Though this organization exists to promote the economic, social and spiritual well-being of blind South Carolinians, active membership shall be comprised of both blind and sighted members. At least a majority of the active members of this organization must be blind. All members of this organization shall have the right to vote and hold office, except that only blind members shall be eligible to serve in the office of President or Vice President.

Please send your chapter and division officers to me ASAP. Please copy Steve Cook as membership chair so he may update the website and David Houck so that this list stays up to date in the state office.

Some of you have not responded to requests from Steve regarding members in your chapters. Messages from Steve have gone out to you requesting your member information so that the form can be completed. Without phone numbers, we cannot complete this necessary part of membership. Please review your email messages and respond to Steve with this information quickly.



2022 State Dues, information for all leaders serving on a board

If you are in leadership, on a board of a chapter or division or Federation Center, Rocky Bottom or NFB of SC and your dues are not paid by January 31, you will be delinquent in your dues and will need to relinquish your position immediately. This goes for all members of a chapter or division board and all three boards of FCB, NFB of SC and Rocky Bottom.



Palmetto Connects,  Monday, January 24, 2022, 6PM


Due to the Columbia chapter moving its meeting and holding it on January 20, Palmetto Connects will be held Monday, January 24, 2022 at 6:00 PM Eastern on the Federation zoom platform. I look forward to seeing all of you for happenings in the NFB of SC! Please note, this is not for just leaders, it is for all of us around the state and beyond.


Girl Scout Cookies, Purchases will Benefit NFB of SC

My daughter Kaylin is selling girl scout cookies again this year. She was the top seller in her troop 3395. Let’s see if she can be the top seller again in 2022. Last year, I personally donated 10% of all her sales to the NFB of SC which was $250. Will you help her and the NFB of SC by purchasing girl scout cookies?


Indulgent brownie inspired cookie with caramel flavored cream with a hit of sea salt




Thin Mints

PB Patties

Caramel Delights

PB Sandwiches

Gluten Free chocolate caramel

$5 per box

I will deliver in South Carolina or you can order online and they will ship from her personal link.

Thank you for your support of Kaylin and troop 3395 along with the NFB of SC!


Giving Back to the NFB of SC

Do you own your own business? Do you sell items? Are you a part of a multi-level marketing program? Would you like to give back some of your earnings to the NFB of SC? We are happy to feature you in the Positive Note and on our website if you are

willing to give at least 10% back to the NFB of SC. Please contact president Jennifer Bazer to be featured. Please email your name, business, what you sell, how people can order through website or other ways, and how much you plan to donate within a certain period of time to



Pledges from 2021 State Convention Banquet

Pledges from our 2021 state convention banquet were due in the state office by December 31, 2021. Most pledges have been fulfilled by we are still missing about $1,000 of the $10,100 in unfulfilled pledges. Please insure you check your records and make good on your pledge by January 31. These pledges help the NFB of SC continue our mission, our programs and our services.


Communities of Faith Division

NFB of SC is interested in forming a Communities of Faith Division. Please see Kristopher’s message below and contact him directly if you are interested.

I am reaching out to see if anyone would be interested in joining a Communities Of Faith division if one were to be created in the South Carolina Affiliate? I recently spoke with COF President Tom Anderson and I feel it is a great fit for SC. With both our diversity and strong belief in God, SC could be a leader in this area.

The purpose of this division is to encourage and support blind people in the pursuit of religious callings, to assist in their inclusion in communities of faith, and to provide a vehicle for collective action;

If you are interested, feel free to  email me at


or give me a text/call at (561) 702-5014.


Calling All Interested in Guide Dog Division in the Palmetto Affiliate

As we mentioned at our statewide seminar, the NFB of SC is interested in forming a guide dog division. The president and vice-president have to be dog guide users, but others that are interested in the rights of guide dogs, may be interested in a guide dog and who have guide dogs may join or hold other offices.

If you are interested in joining this division, email me at


Or texting or calling me at 803-960-9977



Calling All Interested Individuals for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

From Kris Crawley, Co-chair

Hey there everyone!

This message is to reach out and see if anyone is interested in joining the DEI Committee? The DEI committee exists to provide a platform that allows for discussion on topics impacting all of our members, and to make sure we all feel welcome in the SC Affiliate.

If you are interested in joining the committee, or if you were on the committee last year and want to continue please reach out to either me or Derique so we can update our lists.

You can email Derique at DeriqueS@iCloud.com.

You can email me at KristopherICrawley@gmail.com.


From the NFB of SC Senior Division

The NFB of SC Senior Division will be having our bi-monthly business meeting January 20, at 2 p.m. eastern time.  We will be using the Rocky Bottom Zoom number.  We will also be having a guest speaker: Wayne Marshall from Georgia.  Our topic is: how we adapt our roles within the family as we are coping with our vision loss or blindness.


NFB of SC Bags, Shirts, hoodies, and crew neck sweatshirts

The NFB of SC is selling bags with the NFB of SC logo and Live the Life you Want on the front. The bag is black, bottom is red and the straps are white. The top is open. There is a zipper that expands the bag. There is a zippered pocket on the front where the NFB of SC logo is located. The bags are great for a gift or for sporting the NFB of SC logo and tag line. The bags sell for $25 each. You can pay pal the money on our website


or send cash or check made to NFB of SC to the Center at 119 S. Kilbourne Road, Columbia, SC 29205.

We are also selling short sleeve t-shirts. They are gray with the logo and tag line on the right side if looking at the shirt. On the back, you will find the state of SC. These shirts are $25. You can purchase two bags for $40 or two shirts for $40, or, one bag and one shirt for $40. If you just want one or the other, the price is $25 each. We are hoping to get in some sweatshirts and hoodies and will let you know the cost of these once they are secured. All funds will go to the NFB of SC.

We have added hoodies and crew neck sweatshirts to our NFB of SC apparel.

Blue crew neck sweatshirt,

With yellow logo, and NFB of SC

Live the life you want. Written  below.

Blue hoodie sweatshirt, with front pockets. Has the

NFB logo in yellow with

NFB of SC, Live the life you want, written below the logo.

 Prices are as follows:

Sweatshirt or hoodie:

Adult small to adult extra large

Is 35 each or 2 for 60

2x to 5x is 40 each or 2 for 70 

T shirt and bags 25 each or 2 for 40

Same price for Bags.  You can mix and match. 

Make money orders or checks payable to NFB of SC and mark what you are purchasing and size. You may also pay through pay pal at


Please note in the comments section exactly what you wish to purchase. Questions, call President Jennifer Bazer at 803-960-9977. Thank you for your support of the NFB of SC!


State Dues

It is now 2022 and I hope all of you have paid your $10 state dues. These were due by December 31. If you are a member of a board, hold an office, it is vital that your state dues be paid no later than January 31 to remain a leader in the organization. This includes chapters, divisions and officers of NFB of SC, Federation Center, and Rocky Bottom. We have to lead by example! All presidents of chapter and boards, please insure Steve Cook as membership chair, David Houck and I have a list of your officers for 2022 along with their contact information and please insure membership dues are paid for these officers to remain a leader.


Shoe Project

Please bring your gently used shoes and new socks for our shoe project to the center at 119 S. Kilbourne Road, Columbia, SC 29205 or mail them. If you wish to make a donation to this project, you may use pay pal on our site with shoe project in the comment field and we will be happy to purchase shoes or socks on your behalf. Shoes will be given to students in schools who are not able to afford shoes and socks. Adults shoes and socks will be given to those re-entering the workforce. Kara Jefferson is an orientation and mobility specialist in the Lexington area. She has worked with our students and adults on cane travel.



Blind Merchants Fundraiser


From Demetrius Williford

Hello Federation family The National Federation of the Blind of South Carolina Blind Merchants Division is having a fundraiser for a 55 inch or above Smart TV. The tickets are 1 for $5.and 3 for $10. Contact President Belinda banks at 8649095587 or email her at banksbelinda21@gmail.com or Second vice president Demetrius Williford at 8643288177 or email him at Santez1981@gmail.com or any of the blind merchants members for any additional information. Here are the different payment methods that can be used to purchase the tickets. Cash app which is $BlindMerchantsofSC, The next method is PayPal if you choose to used this method there is a a transaction fee of 2.2%. Our PayPal information is Blindmerchantssc@gmail.com. With that being said in order for us to receive your full payment through PayPal that 2.2% will need to be added to The amount of tickets you purchase. We truly appreciate you all for participating in our fundraiser. At time of purchase please put in memo field your name and how many tickets you’re purchasing.


Fusion, JAWS or Zoom Text


The Computer Science & Technology Division would like to thank Freedom Scientific for donating an annual license for a division fundraiser!

The winner will receive a copy of an annual license for their choice of Fusion, Zoom Text or JAWS! Please help support the CSTD by purchasing one or more tickets.  Prices are one  for $3 or two tickets for $5.

To purchase, go to the Computer Science & Technology Division’s PayPal at the below link. Be sure to include the following information when purchasing your tickets: Name, phone number and number of tickets purchased.


The Computer Science & Technology Division greatly appreciates your support!


January Trivia Night, Come One, Come All!

The Sports and Recreational Division will be hosting Trivia Night on Friday January 21st at 8:00 PM Eastern on the Federation zoom platform. Please email Sports and Rec to sign up and play. Email is


Come one come all it’ll be so much fun. Here is the list of categories








2022 NFB of SC Membership Dues


The National Federation of the Blind of SC has had our 2022 Membership Form on our website at www.nfbofsc.org since October 1, 2021. When you fill out this form, you will receive a copy of the information you entered if you provided your personal Email address. If you are assisting someone with the form that does not have an Email address, feel free to use cookcafe@sc.rr.com in the Email field. Once you click on the submit button, you are taken to the Donations page in which you can choose to pay your $10 state dues using the NFB of South Carolina State Affiliate secure Pay Pal button. Remember you must fill out the new form and the $10 state dues in order to complete the process for your 2022 dues!


If you have any questions or need assistance with the above process, please call Steve Cook at 803 260 1292. If I am unable to take your call, I will call you back when I am available.

Also, if you sign up on the NFB national site, that is awesome, you will receive your welcome coin and packet, but please remember, you must also sign up on


as a member of our Palmetto affiliate. I want to thank you all for being willing to assist those who are not familiar with online registration or payment so that their membership can be completed.


At Large Chapter

The At-Large Chapter is selling Gift cards as an ongoing fundraiser. You may purchase physical cards or eCards to keep on your phone. There is no cost to the purchaser, but our chapter does get a percentage of each card sold. The Gift cards available are Walmart, Target, Visa, Bath and Body Works, Domino’s, Amazon and hundreds more, too numerous to list items here.

Please Contact Melanie Torrance ( 803-908-6656), Mike Seats (803) 237-1464),

or Mary Sonksen (864) 590-3637) to purchase one or more of your favorite cards.


Calling All Talent!




This event will take place on March 19, 2022 at 4PM

INTERESTED??? If so, here’s how to enter:

To register pay a 15-dollar registration fee to the Fundraiser Committee go to www.nfbofsc.org and click donations and choose NFB OF SC PayPal(make sure to put Talent Show Registration in memo field). Then submit your information including name, phone and/or email address to nfbofscfundraiser@gmail.com. Once you have submitted your registration you must create and submit a 90 second video or audio  of your talent to cookcafe@sc.rr.com.


  • All video or audio submissions must be no longer than 90seconds.
  • All submissions need to be in by the deadline of February 28, 2022
  • All voting should be placed by 2PM March19, 2022.

*No exceptions all rules enforced*

Here’s how to win and what you win:

Each dollar raised is 1 vote. The contestants that raise the most money in votes from friends, family, etc. take home the CASH. To cast your vote,  go to www.nfbofsc.org and click donations and choose NFB OF SC PayPal  (make sure to put the contestant’s number in the memo field)

1st place 10%, 2nd place 5%, and 3rd place 3% of all proceeds


Braille Readers are Leaders Contest


From the Braille Literacy Committee

“Do YOU read Braille (even if it isn’t very fast, mind you) and do YOU like prizes? Do YOU want to help your NFB district read its way to absolute victory and state-wide bragging rights? If so, then YOU need to register for the National affiliate Braille Readers are Leaders contest! Registration is now open and reading may begin on December 1st! There will also be state affiliate incentives for everyone that registers for the national contest, so you will be getting DOUBLE the reward and DOUBLE the fun! Please reach out to Jamie at 864-838-0338 with a text, call, or message or at nfbsccherokeejamie@gmail.com if you plan to read so that she can add you to the list and track your progress. Also reach out to Jamie to get help with registering for the national contest. Let’s get those fingers moving!”



Zoom Events for the upcoming month!


Below are the events scheduled this month for the NFB of SC. Chairs and co-chairs, please make sure your agenda for the committee is on the list serv before your meeting. Also, starting now, chairs and co-chairs of committees along with presidents of chapters and divisions will be responsible for sending out meting reminders to the listserv along with the agenda. Thank you! Committee chairs and co-chairs, please also send me a list of committee members for the committee you are chairing or co-chairing. Please remember, I need a list of all committee members so we can add to the website.



Monday, January 17, 2022

Membership & Outreach 8:00 PM Federation Center Zoom


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Get Fit with the Sports & Rec Division 5:30 PM Rocky Bottom Zoom

Diabetes Action Network 7:00 PM Federation Center Zoom


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Public Relations & Social Media 8:00 PM Federation Center Zoom


Thursday, January 20, 2022

Florence Chapter 7:00 PM Federation Center Zoom


Friday, January 21, 2022

Trivia Night 8:00 PM Federation Center Zoom


Saturday, January 22, 2022

Get Fit with the Sports & Rec Division 9:00 AM Rocky Bottom Zoom


Monday, January 24, 2022

Palmetto Connects 6PM Federation Zoom


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Get Fit with the Sports & Rec Division 5:30 PM Rocky Bottom Zoom

Diversity & Inclusion Committee 8:00 PM Federation Center Zoom


Thursday, January 27, 2022

Computer Science & Tech Division 8:00 PM Federation Center Zoom


Saturday, January 29, 2022

Get Fit with the Sports & Rec Division 9:00 AM Rocky Bottom Zoom


If your Committee, Chapter or Division meets on the Federation Center or Rocky Bottom Zoom platform, beginning on January 1, 2022. I will still send out monthly and weekly reminders, but it will be up to the person in charge of the meeting to send out the daily reminder. The reason for this is that we have been asked to provide the agenda to everyone before the meeting. This way when you send out your agenda, you can also include the Zoom information for your meeting.


Below you will find the information for the Federation and Rocky Bottom Zoom information to join meetings. Please keep a copy of this information to send out with the agenda for your meeting.



Federation Center




Meeting ID: 803 254 3777 Passcode: 124578


One tap mobile +19292056099,,8032543777# US (New York)


Rocky Bottom





Meeting ID: 864 878 9090 Passcode: 124578


One tap mobile +19292056099,,8648789090# US (New York)


Joke of the Week

Why did the turtle cross the road?
To get to the shell station.


Fascinating Fact of the Week

The fastest gust of wind ever recorded on Earth was 253MPH. Do you know where this took place and what year?


Final Thought

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’

– Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 



We will persevere when times are tough. We will persist when challenges face us. We will have grit to make positive change. We will focus on one stair, rather than the entire staircase. We will be steadfast in bringing in more members to build the Federation. We will strive to always have a positive attitude. We will persist to have a no complaining rule, unless you offer a suggestion on how to fix the problem. We will persevere in respecting the role of the state president and all individuals in the organization.

NFB Pledge


I pledge to participate actively in the effort of the National Federation of the Blind to achieve equality, opportunity, and security for the blind; to support the policies and programs of the Federation; and to abide by its constitution.


NFB One Minute Message


“The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams. You can live the life you want; blindness is not what holds you back.”



If this message was forwarded to you and you would like to receive it directly in your inbox, as well as, receive messages regarding the National Federation of the Blind of South Carolina, please email Steve Cook at cookcafe@sc.rr.com


What are your goals in the NFB of SC for 2022? How do you plan to achieve those goals? Please be specific!








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