Previous Activities

Senior Retreat 2018

The first ever National Senior Retreat was held at Rocky Bottom Retreat and Conference Center from Sunday, October 14, to Saturday, October 20. Twelve seniors representing nine states (Utah, Oklahoma, Michigan, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey and South Carolina) learned blindness skills such as: cane travel, Braille, home management, organizational skills, cooking class, and assistive technology. Some of the Seniors went fishing at the pond located at Rocky Bottom. These seniors are wearing a sleep shade while learning these skills and they are participating in daily group discussions which are designed to reinforce appropriate choices when encountering a variety of blindness issues. Although there have been NFB groups such as the National Association of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC) and a group of students from the Louisiana Center for the Blind’s summer program who have conducted similar programs in the past at Rocky Bottom, we have not had this type of training occur at our facilities for many years. It is my hope this important program occurring this week will lead to other national divisions and state affiliates of the NFB to utilize Rocky Bottom for workshops, meetings and future training programs. Thursday afternoon, we traveled to a nearby apple orchard where the seniors were asked to wear their sleep shades and utilize the cane skills they learned during the week. Friday afternoon, closing ceremonies were held and each participant received a Braille/print certificate designed by Tracy Spittle which recognized their accomplishments during the program. I would like to take this time to thank everyone who contributed in any way to make this program a huge success. I would like to recognize the instructional staff which consisted of Liz Lewis, Shelley Coppel, Tom and Linda Anderson from Kansas, and Ruth Sager. Other staff included Michael Hartz, Christine Filter, the nurse, Barry Chavis, Carolyn Phillips, Tiffiny Mitchell, who donated drinks for the week, and Linda Bible. Of course, many thanks goes to Lenora Robertson, Ellen Taylor, JW and Ora Bell Smith for their outstanding work in the kitchen. Finally, a very special thank you goes to Ruth Sager, President of the National Seniors Division, for her willingness to hold this training program at Rocky Bottom. President Sager was pleased with the facilities at Rocky Bottom and she indicated to me she is considering to hold a similar training program for seniors in the fall of 2019.

Thanks to Carolyn Phillips for providing the below pictures!

Cooking with Ruth Sager (Seated), Sarah Brackett (Right) & Leonna Marx (Left) Frank Coppel instructing Sarah Brackett and Jeri McGinty on Mobility.Shelly Coppel & Leona Marx Vvolunteers Lenora Robertson, Ellen Taylor, JW & OraBell Smith & Barry Chavis! Diane Benton putting A Worm on her HookLiz Lewis & Gloria Hicks in Braille class

2018 Step It Up Walk!


The National Federation of the Blind celebrates Meet the Blind Month every October.

Throughout the month, we spread the message that blind people can live the lives we want by conducting a variety of outreach activities. Many of these activities center on White Cane Awareness Day, which is October 15.


These activities also create opportunities for sighted people to meet blind people in their communities, and to recognize that we are vital, contributing members of society.


The Columbia chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of SC had our 3rd annual Step it up Walk for the meet the blind month on Saturday, October 27, 2018. This event was held at the Drew Wellness Center outside track located at 2101 Walker Solomon Way, Columbia, SC.


We would like to thank the below people for coming out and supporting our event!


Tiffiny Mitchell, Steve Cook, Ike Nelson, Dorothy Barksdale, Katie Jackson, Jennifer Bazer, Karin Jones, Sherlene Potts, Gail Nelson, Dale Wolthoff, Anthony Nelson, Jim Jackson, BC, and our 2 young members Alayna Jackson and Cade Bazer!

Taste of Columbia


The 3rd annual Taste of Columbia was held on Saturday, September 22, 2018, at the Federation Center of the Blind. The cost to enter your favorite recipe was $25, or if you just wanted to sample the tasty dishes, the cost was only $10! Anyone could participate. All proceeds went to the Columbia chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of SC.


If you were unable to make it to the Taste of Columbia. Below is a list of the wonderful dishes and the person whom prepared the dish! Thanks goes to Robin Glenn for judging the event.


1st place

Alayna Jackson

Peach Dump Cake

Alayna Jackson



2nd Place

Tiffiny Mitchell

Chicken Casserole


Tiffiny Mitchel 2nd Place


3rd Place

Jennifer & Kaylin Bazer



Jennifer and Kaylin Bazer3rd Place


Other wonderful dishes


Bobbi Jean Frazier, Baked Spaghetti

Ike Nelson, Vegetable Soup

Shannon Cook, Pumpkin Bread

Thom & Tracey Spittle, Baked Beans

Mike & Jean Sutton, pink party salad

Jennifer and Caylin Bazer, cornbread


We look forward to this event next fall! Y’all come join us!