By Tronda (Patronda Anderson)


The frog…I always thought of frogs as cute and so adorably green in color and when they make those creaky sounds within the night especially after a storm of hard rain.

They are lanky and they have long legs for jumping all around like aquatic acrobats on the     ground.

Frogs have big bulging eyes, like globes of light in which they can only see at a distance but, in the night they can see well.

I guess that is why Miss Piggy loves her Kermit the frog.

He mesmerizes her with his eyes and the long tongue which is 1 third of his body while they are   enjoying a midnight dinner under the moon.

They feast on fillet Ming young of flies by the stream with pretty Lilly pads glistening from the moonlight.

Frogs may live in tropical places such as Europe and other swampy areas while aquatic.

Frogs stay in the water for long periods of time without drowning.

In the world the most exotic frogs are the golden posium

Now I heard this little piece of knowledge from a friend about frogs and it really never occurred to me to understand it in this way.

F is fully having the strength of the holy father when I am in need.

We can be sure that he will be there yes indeed!

There is no jealousy of green like the color of a frog when it is your turn to talk with him one on one.

R is relying on him for all of my needs in my life and learning to fall on my bended knees when I am feeling hopeless in desperation.

He picks me up, dust me off and turns me around and he places my feet on solid ground.

O is only he can do the things that no mortal man cannot dream of doing such as making the sacrifice of dying on the old rugged cross so our souls would not be lost.

G is the grace that he gives to us freely with showers of unconditional love.

I am so happy that he made amphibians such as a frog!

Rip it!