Braille Monitor

Do you receive the Braille Monitor?  Have you heard of the Braille Monitor?  Anyone can receive this magazine.


What is the Braille Monitor? We share what’s going on in the Federation. We talk about the problems blind people face and how they have gotten around them. Why are there so few blind people in the theater and on television. The Braille Monitor has been explaining the problem and looking to the hearts and minds of our people to figure out how to crash through this glass ceiling. When do simulations of blindness help and when do they hurt us? This we have been exploring in the pages of the magazine you and I share. What is it like to feel afraid to travel, and how does it feel when you realize you can? Your magazine tells this story again and again, both because it is an important story and because there are so many variations of it that reach the hearts of blind and sighted people.


Please subscribe to your magazine. You can get it in Braille, in print, or on a thumb drive with recorded audio in a great human voice. You can read it on NFB-Newsline, through email, on the web as HTML, or on the web as audio. We make each issue a podcast you can find by searching for the Braille Monitor.


How do you subscribe? Start by sending an email to and telling us whether you want Braille, audio, print, or email. We will see that you get the Braille Monitor in the form you desire. Don’t forget that we also want your contributions. Send them to me by writing to You may also call me at 410-659-9314, extension 2360.


We enjoy a common bond in the Federation, and our joint effort works best when we share our knowledge, our hopes, and our dreams. Our magazine tries to do this, and we need you as readers and contributors. Thank you for inviting me into your chapter meeting and for giving me the time to ask that you talk about and subscribe to the magazine that is for you and depends on your readership and your written contributions.





Gary Wunder, editor