Chapters and Divisions

NFB of SC has local chapters throughout the state. We are in the process of obtaining information about each to post here; however, if your local chapter’s information does not appear below, you may obtain information by contacting the Federation Center at (803) 254-3777 or by e-mail We also have several state-wide divisions for members with similar interests. If your Chapter or Divisions information is not listed below, contact Steve Cook at or (803) 254-0222 to have the information posted.


Local Chapters     General Information




President: Dean Marchbanks

Phone: (864) 219-4161





President: Constance Miller

Phone: (803) 634-0954

Meeting location:

Belvedere Womens Club

104 Elizabeth Ave

North Augusta, SC




President: Jamie Allison


Cell: (864) 838-0338

Vice President: Tony Whittenburg

Treasurer: Grady Dawkins

Secretary: James Byers

Meeting time and location:

Third Thursday of each month at 1:00 PM

The Senior Centers of Cherokee County, Inc.

499 W. Rutledge Ave

Gaffney SC 29340

We are a small but dedicated chapter and are trying to recruit new members.




President: Marty R. McKenzie


Phone: (843) 939-8091

Vice President: Delores Moore

Secretary: Emily McKenzie

Treasurer: Bernice Wheeler

Meeting time and location:

Meetings are held on the third Friday evening of each month at 7:00 p.m.

The Clarendon County Council on Aging

206 S. Church Street

Manning, SC

There is no cost for the meal, but participants bring an item.




President: Tiffiny Mitchell

Phone: (803) 603-2098


Meeting time and location:

Second Thursday of the month at 6:15 PM

Federation Center

119 S Kilbourne Road

Columbia, SC 29205

Cost for the meal is $6.00




President: Levern Wilson

Phone: (843) 236-0327




President: Helen McNuer

Phone: (864) 340-1072

Meeting time and location: 2nd Tuesday of every month at 12:00

Call Helen for more details


Lee County


President: Linda Dizzley

Phone: (803) 459-4585

By Mail:

The National Federation of the Blind

of Lee County

c/o Linda Dizzley

  1. O. Box 10

Bishopville, S C 29010

Meeting time and location:

Second Saturday of each month

11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

St. John, A. M. E. Church

520 South Main Street

Bishopville, SC

(Across from Food Lion)


Myrtle Beach/Grand Strand


President: Charlis Borodin

Phone: 843-399-2896


Ken Kusaj, Vice President

Debbie Zaleski, Treasurer


Grand Strand Chapter meets the second Saturday of each month at one in the afternoon at the Glenns Bay Baptist Church on Glenns Bay Road in Surfside, S.C.




President: Frank Clark


Phone: (864) 973-8848




President: Chris Jeter

Phone: (864) 978-4964

Treasurer: Evelyn Gilstrap

Phone: (864) 573-5200

Meeting time and location:

Second Saturday of each month at 2:00 PM

Swearenger building on the Sc School for the Deaf and the Blind Campus (NOTE: Call before attending to ensure we do not have a special meeting location (restaurant).




President: Debra Canty


Phone: (803) 775-5792

Fax: (803) 775-5793

Vice President: Arthur Henry

Secretary: Joy Wilson

Treasurer: Herbert Boykin, Jr.

Meeting time and location:

Second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM

Shiloh-Randolph Manor

125 W. Bartlette Street

Sumter, SC 29150

Transportation is provided within the city limits. The agenda includes guest speakers with various topics of interests.

A dinner is prepared by the Hospitality Committee and donations towards the next months meal is gladly accepted at the present meeting. We raise funds monthly to maintain the operations of the chapter through a 50/50 drawing. Door prizes are donated by members to add excitement to the chapter meetings.

Information is obtained on a local, state and national level from the president to share with the members to help improve his or her quality of life.


State-Wide                         Divisions


Division       General Information


Computer Science & Technology Division


President: Steve Cook


Phone: (803) 260-1292

First Vice President: Nancy Irwin

Second Vice President: Thom Spittle

Treasurer: Valerie Warrington

Secretary: Shannon Cook

Meeting time and location:

Our division meets in person each year at the NFB of SC state convention. The remaining meetings are held via teleconference once a quarter. Contact Steve Cook via E-Mail for our next meeting.


Parents of Blind Children


President: Jennifer A. Duffell-Hoffman

State Coordinator of the NFB Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning in SC.


Phone: (803) 287-5391


The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC): While many people make a sharp distinction between whether a person is visually impaired or blind, and accordingly classify various tools or techniques as being useful for either a partially sighted person or a person with little or no sight, the NOPBC takes a different approach. We believe that the exact level of a child’s eyesight should not restrict their choice of tools and techniques, and instead ask, “Which are the skills and tools that will best enable this child to succeed?” We gauge success just as for sighted children—by the ability to perform the task at hand effectively, independently, and with confidence. Whatever terms may be used to describe a child’s vision loss, the important thing is to ensure access to the entire range of skills and tools available. We believe these ‘skills and tools of blindness,’ as they are called, are essential for the child’s success both at home and at school. We further believe that blind people who are taught and who embrace effective non-visual skills, whatever their degree of eyesight, are capable of living a full and satisfying life.


Future Reflections: A magazine for parents and teachers of blind children published by the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults in partnership with the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children.


Find the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC) on Facebook. The NOPBC Facebook page is an open group, with over 1900 members, where you can share your experience, questions and advice.


Senior Division


President: Shelley Coppel


Phone: (803) 796-8662

Our division meets in person each year at the state convention. For future meetings, contact Shelley Coppel.