Career Mentoring Seminar

Do you work in a unique or exciting career field?



If your answer is yes, and you are attending the National Convention this year, why not share your experiences with an up and coming Federationist.


This year the NOPBC Youth Track and National Convention is placing a

focus on employment.   Our Career mentoring seminar held on July 3rd

at 3:30 offers our youth the opportunity to connect with employed blind role models working in a diverse array of jobs.


If you work in the following career fields, and are attending national convention, we would love to talk with you.




*         Engineering


*         Architecture or construction


*         Accounting or finance


*         Sales and marketing


*         Medical or health related fields


*         Agriculture and natural resources


*         Hospitality and tourism


*         Law and public safety


*         Scientific research


To find out more, or sign up to mentor, Please contact Amy

Porterfield at<>.