Positive Note 1645

February 21, 2018

Memo To:  Executive Officers, Board Members, Chapter & Division Presidents & Others

From:  Frank Coppel, President

Positive Note 1645

Greetings Fellow Federationists:


On Saturday evening, February 17, Shelley and I had a wonderful time attending the third annual Sweetheart Dance Sponsored by the NFB of SC.  Approximately 51 individuals were in attendance and it was very apparent everyone enjoyed all the festivities of the evening.  The Federation Center was beautifully decorated with pink table cloths as well as a balloon bouquet on each table.  Individuals enjoyed a delicious dinner after which time people appeared to be having fun listening to the music, dancing or just talking with each other.  Many great door prizes were handed out which greatly added to the festivities of the evening.  I would like to thank Ernest Gallman who provided the music for the evening.  I would also like to thank Corey and Tanisha Gibbons, Debra Canty’s son and daughter-in-law for volunteering their time to decorate the Federation Center.  Thanks also goes to Jennifer Bazer who was responsible for securing a variety of door prizes for the evening.  A ery special thanks goes to Debra Canty, our Fundraising Chairperson and her committee for putting together this event.  Many kudos for a job well done!

Remember, on Saturday, March 17, 2018 the NFB of SC will host a Leadership Seminar at the Federation Center of the Blind from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Lunch will be provided.  All members are encouraged to attend and there will be no charge for the seminar.  Come and learn about the history of the NFB and NFB of SC, your rights and responsibilities as a consumer of the South Carolina Commission for the Blind, Social Security benefits, and any general chapter issues you would like to discuss.  If you are planning to come to the seminar, please contact David Hock at the Federation Center of the Blind (803) 254-3777 no later than Wednesday, March 14, in order that we can have an accurate head count for lunch.  Since the inclement weather prevented some chapters from attending the Statewide Seminar, the Orlando bus ticket drawing will be held on March 17 at the Leadership Seminar.  As of this date we have only sold approximately 2,000 tickets, so let’s do all that we can to sell more tickets!

On Thursday, February 8, I along with Shelley, Lenora Robertson, Ellen Taylor, and Shannon Cook traveled to Pageland, SC to attend the Chesterfield County Chapter meeting to bid farewell to Ms. Dorcas Campbell who is moving to Las Vegas to live with her grandson.  Miss Dorcas is ninety-five years old and for the past eight years, she has been the President of the Chesterfield County chapter.  Under her excellent leadership, the Chesterfield County chapter has participated fully in all programs of the NFB of SC and the chapter is widely recognized in the Pageland-Jefferson area.  From the comments made by everyone at the meeting, it was very evident Miss Dorcas was truly loved and will be missed a great deal.  Nancy Reyes, a longtime member of the chapter, was elected President and I am very confident she will do an excellent job in this role.

The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the characteristic that defines you or your future.  Every day, we raise the expectations of blind people because low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams.  You can live the life you want:  blindness is not what holds you back.  Joining me for comments in this Positive Note is the President Emeritus of the NFB of SC.  Here is Dr. Capps.

This week we are spotlighting a chapter president who has enriched the lives of many in the NFB of SC.  This will become obvious as we go along.  James Nelson, President of the Georgetown Chapter of the NFB of SC is 72 years old and is a native of the Georgetown area and farming has been his occupation.  He grew up in the Georgetown public schools but after graduation, he did attend a trade school in Columbia.  Always a hard worker, he taught his family to work hard and give voluntarily of themselves.  Having a large family, many who are legally blind, his family members were charter members of the Georgetown Chapter when it was organized on Friday evening, May 6, 1988 as Maggie Floyd was elected Vice President and Sarah Nelson was elected Secretary.  In fact, over the years members of the Nelson family became members and even officers in the Columbia, Spartanburg and Detroit Chapters of the NFB.  James has been Georgetown Chapter President for some 15 years.  James and his lovely wife Merline have attended several Senior Blind Camps at Rocky Bottom.  They have attended several NFB conventions including Atlanta, Orlando, Louisville and Detroit.  They have attended between 25 to 30 state conventions, not to mention Statewide Seminars.  His hobbies include singing and working in his yard growing vegetables.  He is also part of a gospel singing group.  If you know Isaiah, Anthony, Gail and Rogers, Sarah, Jonathan, and Takalah to name a few, you can see that all of them have served the federation well because of the upbringing of James and Merline.  Congratulations go out to James Nelson for his federation service and that of his extended family.


Final Thought:   “Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who make excuses.” ― George Washington (1732–1799)