Positive Note 1622

September 13, 2017

Memo To:  Executive Officers, Board Members, Chapter & Division Presidents & Others

From:  Frank Coppel, President

Positive Note 1622

Greetings Fellow Federationists:


Before we turn our attention to other Federation activities which will be occurring this fall, I would like to share with you the breakdown of the total revenues and net proceeds for the Fun Day Festival which was held at Rocky Bottom Labor Day weekend.  We will list the activity, the Fun Day 2017 amount and the Fun Day 2016 amount with the amount of change:  Bingo 68.00, 93.00, +25.00; UNO Tournament 50.00, 50.00, 0; RB Hat & T-shirts                 128.00, 188.00, -60.00; Country Store 111.00, 37.00, +74.00; Yard Sale 176.25, 159.00, +17.25; Cotton Candy/Snow Cones/Popcorn 66.00, 0, +66.00. Week-end Food Sales 1,210.00, 1,120.00, +90.00; Saturday Lunch Only 195.00, 390.00, -195.00; Bounce Houses 130.00, 0, +130.00; Fun Day Tickets 2,885.00, 3,560.00, -675.00; Auction 2,141.00, 1,188.00, +953.00; Fun Day Donations 50.00, 225.00, -175.00; Total Revenue 7,210.25, 7,090.00, +120.25.  Total Expenses 3,028.15, 2,597.12, +431.03; Net Proceeds 4,182.10, 4,492.88, -310.78.

We have an announcement from Linda Dizzley, President of our Lee County chapter.  “Candy Fundraiser:  As you may be aware, I am able to make chocolate candies in two (2) different sizes (business card size and a large bar size) with the NFB Logo on them.  I am also able to make, chocolate covered pretzels in different colors or a combination of colors and praying hands lollipop or a pretzel, as well as bite size chocolate packets without the logo on but it does say Thank You.  The bars come in crispy crunch, almond and a cookie crunch. As Blind Awareness Month approaches, during the month of October, this would be a great time to promote the National Federation of the Blind as well as raise money for your chapter/division or give away to show your appreciation. If you would like to place an order for chocolate bars, please give me a call.  We ask that all orders be placed at least seven (7) days in advance in order for processing and to get it delivered to you in time for our event.

If you would like an order sheet made up for your chapter or if you have any questions or for further information, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at (803) 459-4585.”

On Saturday, September 16, Shelley and I along with our staff of volunteers will be traveling to Rocky Bottom to make final preparations for the Fall edition of Senior Camp which will be held from September 17-21.  Shelley and I enjoy directing Senior Camp a great deal and we always look forward spending time at Rocky Bottom with these individuals.

The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the characteristic that defines you or your future.  Every day, we raise the expectations of blind people because low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams.  You can live the life you want:  blindness is not what holds you back.  Joining me for comments in this Positive Note is the President Emeritus of the NFB of SC.  Here is Dr. Capps.

I’m sure that most of you remember what you were doing and where you were when the World Trade Center buildings were attacked on September 11, 2001.  I was in the Baptist Hospital in Columbia recovering from back surgery on that unforgettable day.  Our daughter Beth had come to Columbia to assist us and told the nurse’s aide not to tell me about the Trade Center “bombing” but she would do that.  The nurse’s aide disobeyed Beth and told me about the bombing before Beth had an opportunity to do so.  The nurse’s aide would not forget the tongue lashing Beth gave her.  Our son Craig was living and working in New York City when the bombing occurred.  He worked about 25 blocks away from the bombing.  He recalls how frightened everyone was including himself when the first bombing occurred.  But the second bombing which occurred about two and one-half hours later was absolutely terrifying.  Craig remembers that as soon as the second attack occurred he immediately stated that this was the beginning of the war on terror.  Normally Craig rode the subway to work but there was no transportation available so he walked the 25 blocks (or two and one-half miles) to his apartment.  Betty and I were very concerned and for several hours we had no word from Craig.  Finally there was phone service and he called us about 2:00 p.m. assuring us that he was all right.  Craig recalls many people who frantically searched for their loved ones who were lost.  Craig stated that many had the option of jumping from the top of the Trade Center or sustaining fatal burns or injuries.  He said that he will never forget the terrible incident that involved hundreds jumping to their deaths with bodies lining the streets below.  Several held hands as they jumped from the tower.  For some time Craig said there was a terrible smell in the atmosphere.  Firemen and policemen lost their lives trying to assist those who were hopelessly trapped inside the building.  There were a lot of brave people in this tragic event.  Let’s hope and pray we never again experience such a tragedy.  Let’s never forget 9-11-01 as most of us feel the country will never be the same.


Final Thought:  Following any great loss it is good to take stock of things, count your blessings and have faith and courage to re-establish your life’s goals again.